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 Mechanical Department - Diesel Sheds


Diesel Sheds


Central Railway owns 275 Broad Gauge diesel locomotives.  These locomotives are maintained at fixed periodic intervals in Diesel Loco Sheds situated at Pune, Kalyan and Kurla.  Based on the type of services it renders, the Broad Gauge Diesel Locomotives are categorized into three categories :-

Mixed Services

There are 78 mixed services locos capable of running both  Mail / Express, passenger and freight services. The horse power of these locos varies from 2600 to 3300 hp.  Prestigious trains such as Duranto Express, Goa Express, Jhelam Express, Indrayani Express etc. is being run with these locos.

Freight/Goods Services

There are 108 such locos for running freight services. The horse power of these locos varies from 3100 to 4500 hp.   These locos transport commodities   such as coal, cement, steel, fertilizer, food grains salt, sugar etc. from one end to the  other end of country.

Shunting Services

88 locos are available with Central Railway to cater to shunting requirement such as shunting of Mail / Express / Passenger rakes from station to maintenance sidings, freight trains in yards etc. These are low horse power locos.

Narrow Gauge Services

ApartApart from B.G. services, Central Railway is also plying   Narrow Gauge trains run by  N.G. locos.  There are 19 N.G. locos on Central Railway running N.G. Coaching train/ Toy train in Neral-Matheran section (Mumbai Division), Yavatmal  -  Murtazapur-Achalpur section (Bhusawal Division) and Pachora-Jamner section (Bhusawal Division) These N.G. Locos are being maintained at Neral, Murtazapur & Pachora Diesel Sheds.

   Diesel Sheds :   Pune                Kalyan               Kurla 

Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 19-08-2011