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The following are the works under CSR.

1.   Water conservation Units

2.   Sewage / Effluent treatment Plant

3.   Solid Waste Management solutions

4.   Eco friendly faecal treatment / disposal

5.   Solar energy plants

6.   Energy efficient fixtures

7.   Wind energy plants

8.   Afforestation / development of green areas

9.   Water efficient fixtures

10. Construction / Renovation of toilet with / without O & M

11. Sanitation / cleanliness of station premises

12. Supply of sanitation handling product. i.e. dustbin, water hamper trolleys, cleaning Machines etc.

13. Cleanliness awareness campaigns.

14. Drinking water facilities, water coolers, supply of RO / other filtration arrangements.

15. Barrier free access for physically challenged persons viz Lift, Escalators, FOB’s / Ramp, Battery operated car etc. 

Source : Central Railway / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 05-04-2016